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Jesus Our Refuge - hopb2.png

In the Old Testament a person could flee to a city of refuge if wrongly accused of murder. Today Jesus is our refuge and the only place to find freedom from our sin.

Main Scripture passage:

Joshua 20

Covenant Renewed - hopb2.png

Joshua called the people together to renew the covenant the people made with Moses and God years earlier. We would do well to remind ourselves what God has done for us through Jesus Christ.


Main Scripture passage:

Joshua 8:30-35

Achans Sin - hopb2.png

Sin is a dangerous thing. It can destroy our lives and we need to learn to deal with sin in our lives quickly.

Main Scripture passage:

Joshua 7

Remembering At Gilgal - hopb2.png

When the Israelites arrived in Canaan, they did three important things. They remembered what God had done, renewed their obedience, and remembered God's redemption. This message will guide us to do the same things in our lives.

Main Scripture passage
Joshua 4-5

If We Could See What God Sees - hopb2.png

Do you ever wish you could get the big picture? That you would have an idea of how things were going to turn out? A lot of times we don't get that privilege, but we can still trust the One who sees all and is in control.


Main Scripture passage:
Joshua 1:10-2:24