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Mary’s Christmas Song Luke 1:46 – 55

Music impacts our lives. Mothers sing lullabies to their babies. Lovers have “their special song”. When hearing a musical score, your mind will replay the scenes of a favorite movie. Music can bring tears of joy, swell one’s chest with pride, or produce a flood of memories.

The news that the angel Gabriel brought to Mary filled her with a compelling joy to lift her voice in a hymn of praise. It was a song glorifying God for His greatness, and it expressed her thankfulness for being chosen as the mother of Jesus, the Savior of the world.

Mary’s song contains quotations from and references to the Old Testament Scriptures, especially the Psalms and the song of Hannah in 1 Samuel 2:1-10. Mary turned the hidden word of God in her heart into a song. Her greatest desire was to magnify the Lord, not herself.

She used the phrase “He hath” eight times as she recounted what God had done for her, for us today, and for Israel.

You may not consider yourself a songwriter or singer, but every day God touches your life with His blessings.

I believe Mary’s song is recorded in God’s word to encourage us to sing unto the Lord as it says in Judges. 5:3, 1 Chronicles 16:23, 2 Chronicles 20:21, Psalms 13:6, 30:4, 30:12, 68:4, 96:1-2, 98:1, 104:33, 147:7, 149:1, Isaiah 12:5, and so many more.

The fullness of the Spirit and God’s Word in your life should lead you to joyful praise! (Ephesians 5:18-20, Colossians 3:16-17)

What did God do for Mary? In verse 47 you see that He saved her. This means that Mary was a sinner just like us. God looked with favor upon her and chose her to be the mother of the Messiah, verse 48, not because of who she was, but rather what her life reflected of God in her.

God not only demonstrated His grace to Mary, but He also reveals His grace to you regardless of your status in life.

God was also mighty for her, working on her behalf, verse 49. Mary would have no problem singing “Great Things He Hath Done!” Because she believed God and yielded to His will, He performed a miracle in her life and used her to bring the Savior into the world.

Have you ever wondered what God could do through you if you completely yielded to Him? We discover what God did for us in verses 50-53. Mary included all of God’s people who fear Him from generation to generation.

As a believer, you have received His mercy and experienced His help. Mary named three specific groups to whom God had been merciful: the helpless (verse 51), the humble (verse 52), and the hungry (verse 53).

Mary saw the Lord turning everything upside down: the weak dethrone the mighty, the humble scatter the proud, the nobodies are exalted, the hungry are filled and the rich end up poor!

The grace of God works contrary to the thoughts and ways of this world system (1 Corinthians 1:26-28).

So, what is your Christmas song? Your words will come when you remember God’s grace in your life. Your music will be provided by the Holy Spirit who will bring to your lips the glories of God

in your life.

You have a Christmas Song, so sing it!
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