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Spaulding Update

John & Hannah Spaulding

What’s New?

We are in a Culture & Language Acquisition Practicum now! It’s a very long class that involves a lot of teamwork and stepping out of our comfort zones!

We just finished a busy week here because of Field Fair! Representatives from all over the world came to share how God is working & to invite students to join their team in that field. We really enjoyed this time & are so thankful we got to hear about the needs around the world.

Lately, we’ve been loving:

➔ Apple crisp & family walks in the cooler weather!

➔ Watching Sophia climb the stairs (she’s getting a bunch of teeth too & will turn 10 months on the 25th!)

How you can be praying for us these days:

➔ We will travel to Georgia for a wedding this month. It’s going to be a whirlwind because we can’t miss many classes. Please pray for the kids especially with such a long time in the car!

➔ Pray for wisdom as we decide on a field soon! We think we have narrowed down our choices, but are taking time to pray intentionally as we move towards a decision.

We’re so thankful for:

➔God’s financial provision for school costs & your support! We are so privileged to be part of the body of Christ with you all.

➔Hannah’s parents got to visit for a week during Field Fair! It was such a blessing to have them here.

➔We celebrated 5 years of marriage!

➔We are so thankful to the Lord for the way He has grown us & been faithful to us in these years.

Thanks for reading & praying!

In Christ,

John, Hannah, Beau & Sophia Spaulding


J: 706.897.1281 H: 517.414.0743

134 Main Dr. Roach, MO 65787

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