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Library Book Spotlight

What fascinates you? Science fiction, a baby’s first steps, red velvet cake, athletic challenges? Unusual terms and words fascinate some people. Certain words roll off the tongue in a fun way; words like eschatology, Pensacola, and genre.

Leaving eschatology for future study, let’s examine the word ‘genre’ (zan’ruh). Webster’s dictionary and Thesaurus define genre as a 'category of a specific literary accomplishment characterized by a particular subject matter or form’.

The House of Prayer Library boasts a variety of genres, fiction, and nonfiction for its readers. Novels, Bibles, Education, Sermons, Missions, Family, Christian Theology and Doctrine, are a few of these genres.

For the New Year, why not examine the many books under the heading Daily Walk? There are hundreds of books from which readers many choose in this genre!

HOP Library has sixteen shelves with 40 to 50 books on each shelf. Wow! These books deal with topics on discipleship and a closer walk with God.

Kay Arthur’s “Our Covenant with God” stresses our unique relationship with our Creator. “Behind a Bend in the Road” by David Jeremiah illustrates how God supplies our needs when life’s trials overwhelm us. “Hope for the Troubled Heart” by Billy Graham addresses similar subjects.

Spiritual communion and intimacy with God are the areas RC Sproul explores in “The Soul’s Quest for God”. Interpersonal relationships shine in this celebration of friendship, “Friends Through Thick and Thin” by four well-known woman authors.

Practical priorities presented in Barnes’s “More Hours in my Day” help Christians function more effectively. The listings in the Daily Walk genre go on and on.

This year, become fascinated with the direction God will take you and find helpful advice from men and women who share their hearts and experiences.

Housekeeping Notes: Please do NOT drop off actual book donations in the Family Life Center or elsewhere without prior notice. Please give one of the librarians a list of titles and authors that you are looking to donate. Our space is limited and we cannot accommodate too many copies of the same books.

We will let you know which books to bring. THEN you may drop them off. Thank you so very much.

Is anyone interested in doing a Book Club during the winter months? Contact Linda Kelley for more information.

You may call the Family Life Center at 706-745-5925 or Linda at 706-897-2285.

May your New Year be blessed with a closer walk with Jesus.

Your House of Prayer Church Library

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