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  • Linda Kelley

HOP Spotlight Book Review for October 2022

Ancient Lights

Some books are not for the faint of heart. One such book is ANCIENT LIGHTS by Ralph D. Curtin. However, this novel is for anyone interested in the Last Days as described in Scripture. Those with a wealth of Biblical knowledge and acquainted with the God of the Universe will appreciate the exegeses displayed throughout the plot. Individuals desiring a more in-depth understanding of the Word will be thrilled with the clarity of God at work in the world and of coming events. If you are someone who is wondering, “What in the world is going on in our culture and society?” here are the startling answers.

When a young Bedouin makes the discovery of the century following an earthquake in the Afro-Syrian area, reactions result in conspiracy, international intrigue, and increased spiritual warfare. The discovered antiques/gems, worn by the Levitical high priests in the Old Testament,

resided in a clay jar along with the sought-after Ancient Lights and other objects. The Ancient Lights were the Urim and the Thummim used to discern God’s will concerning political decisions, correct solutions for a national crisis, and even questions concerning the future. Diabolical forces stop at nothing to obtain the holy articles for their own evil purposes. The Antichrist and his cohorts already have a non-cash computer program named MasterLink with microchips ready to introduce to the world. Money and deception blind the eyes and minds of many people, including rulers and other influential world leaders. Even the ruler of Israel turns a deaf ear to the pleas of the protagonists: the Antichrist has just given Israel money to help rebuild after a disaster and the ‘humanitarian’ purposes.

This book is all about Christ’s redemptive plan, God’s provision, and the power of God’s Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. Riveting suspense and action-packed, this novel draws you into what possibly could await this generation. Dare to read it with much prayer and an open mind.

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