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Example Devotion Script

We are looking for a 3 minute devotion


If you will be recording yourself,

Please Record HORIZONTALLY not vertically  :-)

Personal Greeting Options: (example – “Hello there” “Hey Everyone!”
“Hi Guys.”)

Intro: “Welcome to this week’s Devotion with House of Prayer Church”
“My name is ______________________”

(Feel free to throw in your connection to H.O.P church, a personal fun fact like where you’re from, or your family is the best, or I can recite the alphabet backwards, or yadayadayada)

Body: “Since the United States celebrates its Independence Day in July, House of Prayer wanted to honor those who have served or are serving in the military. I’ve been asked to share a verse with you that has ministered to me during my career in the (your military branch)”

“That verse is found in __(reference)___ and it says “______________”

“This spoke to my heart & builds my faith by ____________”
OR “God has used this in my life to remind me that _________”
OR “It means a lot to me because…” OR whatever God lays on your heart

Wrap up: “I just want to encourage you with this truth today ________”
OR “I just want to challenge you all to _______________”

Ending Options:

Close in prayer
OR “God bless you”, “See you at church”, “Thanks for listening!” “Bye, all”

Or, just drop the mic!

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